Feather hairextensions

I already told you,

I got some feathers put in my hair and I am absolutely loving it. Actually, this very nice lady called Suus van Kampen put them in my hair. Together with Jamie-Lee Huisman she is a duo called Topanga.

These girls actually started this business on the beaches of beautiful Ibiza, which explains how awfully tan they both are. But anyway, over there it’s been a real trend for quite a while and now it’s coming to Holland! Topanga is actually visiting lots of festivals in the Netherlands where you can get one of those feather-extensions too. And for the non Dutchies: it’s available online!

Though you’d have to put them in yourself, there’s a really clear video for that online. The feathers are sliding into your hair using special equipment and then are staying put with a silicon ring. You won’t feel a thing! And the best thing: you can do anything with it. Iron, curl, wash; you name it.


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