Timberland x Pharrell

Timberland x Pharrell Williams,

It’s a combination that’s been popular for a while. Remember those honey comb shoes? Or the one with the all over grass pattern? So much awesomeness. And there’s more coming up. Pretty soon – August 16th – Bee Line, Timberland and Pharrell will release another pearl in there collection. A blue pearl to be precise.

Because this pair of Timberlands is blue all over the place. From the shoe itself up to the sole and the laces. Ever since I read about this I got that “I’m blue dabadiedabada” going on in my head. Nevertheless: they look awesome and you’ll definitely get noticed with these on your feet. There’ll be a version for men, women and kids. All signature Timberland-models, only blue.

Sounds like the new family shoe right? Well, hurry up to New York then! They will be released at the Billionaire Boys Club in Brooklyn. But of course there’s also the internet, if you’re not willing to travel to the other side of the world.

Timberland x Pharrell

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