Stone sunglasses

Did you know there’s an eclipse going on right now?

In the Netherlands that is. And with the damage such wonder of nature can do to your eyes, of course I see this as an excuse to talk about sunglasses again. Because hello, these are made out of stone! How awesome is that? FYI, I do know sunglasses don’t actually protect your eyes during an eclipse.

But an excuse is an excuse – are you already joining this sunglasses party? – and therefor I will use this to introduce to you the latest item on my wishlist: stone sunglasses. Wait what? Isn’t that extremely heavy, painful and totally unpractical? Not really, because these are actually made out of wood with a thin cover of stone on top. That doesn’t make them look any less fabulous though.

These beauties are a creation by Dutch brand Beaver Bril. Beaver of course because originally they only used bamboo and wood. And now stone is added, a great addition to the collection if you ask me. Would you go for the dark of lighter version? I simply can’t choose.


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