It’s no secret I love chocolate. It doesn’t matter what it is, dark, milk, with nuts, cookies or berries. I adore chocolate. Unfortunately it’s not all that good for you and since I’m trying to eat as healthy as possible, chocolate is quite the no-go for me. Well, until I found out about these babies. 

Say hello to Lovechock! No sugar, no artificial ingredients nobody can pronounce and even the packaging is a hundred percent biological, which means you can just throw it out alongside your vegetables. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Let me make it even better. They have now come up with something new: Rocks.

These little pieces are a combination of raw chocolate, a superfood and a little bit of spice. It also contains reishi, a Chinese herb that’s know for being beneficial for your body. Lovechock doesn’t heat up the cocoa beans they use, which makes them full of flavonoids, tryptophan and Phenethylamine. Sounds complicated right? What it comes down to is that those little ingredients actually make you feel happy, excited and attractive. Who doesn’t want that?

These chocolates are sugar, gluten, lactose and soy free and available in the flavors Mulberry/Hemp Seed, Almond/Cinnamon and Raisin/Coconut. What more can I say? Lovechock rocks so try it!



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