Free People

Free People,

It sounds like an ideal, like something the hippies would be shouting in the seventies. But it’s a very up to date website. Better yet, a webshop with very fashionable items.

Actually, Free People does originate back to the seventies. When Dick Hayne opened a store with that name in West Philadelphia. That one store turned to two and then it became -surprise, surprise- Urban Outfitters! Their were different labels that together turned into Urban Outfitters. In 1984 Free People was brought back to life again, resulting in this awesome webshop.

When I first saw Free People, I genuinely loved it right away. The website is beautiful and the clothes are too. Romantic and sweet, yet mature. Also, look at the photography! I think lots of shops can learn from this. O, and be sure to check out the lookbooks they offer. Love it!

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