Lyst dresses

When I heard about Lyst dresses,

And they asked me what my favorite ones were, I though: ehh, I dunno? You see, I haven’t been a dressy person all that much lately. On Bali I drove a scooter all day so I wore shorts. Back in the Netherlands I continued, but with jeans. So practical! And stylish of course, there’s still a fashionista somewhere inside me. But I checked out the Lyst dresses anyway and I was pleasantly surprised.

Wait, what?

Instantly I spotted a few that I’d see myself wearing, even if just for a special occasion. Hold on, let me tell you about Lyst first. Lyst is an online shopping platform. You can check out their collection and follow the brands and designers you like. From H&M and Asos to Balenciaga and Valentino. In result, they offer you a selection of other brands and designers you might like. And who knows, you might discover an all new collection that’s totally you. O, and also important: you can set stock and sale alerts. Never miss anything ever again!

Dress up

Back to those dresses, because like I said: I did find some that wouldn’t look all that bad in my wardrobe after all. Did I say some? Yeah, I guess I’m back to dresses now. I had a hard time finding the three I absolutely liked most. Denim or lace? Midi or maxi? Print or plain color? Too many choices!

Photo by Celeste Tesoriero

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