Ziaja cream

Does winter skin needs extra care?

Well, yes. But for summer it’s not any different and since the first rays of sunshine are visible, I thought it was time to get my skin updated and ready to be shown. And how to do that better than with a beauty brand that’s very natural and very affordable?

This is Ziaja, a Polish brand that uses natural ingredients and recyclable packages. Which is great, but what does it do to your skin? I tried four different kinds of Ziaja cream.

First is the Natural Olive Cream. A thick facial creme that really helps my skin when it’s dry. Kinda like an extra, I wouldn’t use this daily. Second, there’s the Manuka Tree night creme, my absolute favorite. It makes my skin feel all fresh and truly great. Just like the third product on the photo, Natural Argan Oil body lotion. It doesn’t smear out really well, but it’s getting soaked up in my skin so no need to wait before getting dressed. The smell is subtle and sweet and my skin feels soft. So yes, definitely a favorite. The final product is difficult. The Slim Serum is a great cream, but does it really fix my cellulite? I can’t really tell. But this is a tough thing for me, I’ve used a hundred products to destroy that ugly skin I think.

So to sum it all up, this Ziaja cream quatro will definitely get your face and body skin ready for summer. Believe, it’ll feel soft as a baby. And it’s good for nature too.

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