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Should I start a tradition?

I was all ready to write a glitter fashion inspiration post right now, when suddenly I thought: didn’t I do this before? And yes, I did. Last year. But you know, you can never have too much glitter fashion inspiration on new years eve. So guess what? I’m just doing it again this year. And maybe I will again next year. Anyhow, here’s my three glitter fashion options:

Glitter skirt

My favorite glitter outfit is the one with the sequin skirt – does that remind you of a Friends episode too? – because it’s simple, yet totally cute and you can dress it up just that way you want to. All out? Go co-ord and wear a glitter top as well. More casual? Pair it with a simple basic shirt and sneakers.

Sequin pants

I’ve tried it. Honestly, I tried a sequin pants a couple of weeks ago. It looked ridiculous. But that was just because the model was totally off. Very wide on top and skinny on the bottom. Even jeans could not pull that off. Otherwise, it’s an awesome idea to wear sequin pants. Because it’s casual – it’s pants – and chic – hello sequins! – it’s suitable for every kind of NYE party.

Dress up

Fun too: the glitter dress. Or sequin dress, depending on whatever you want. Or find, because as it turns out it’s pretty damn hard to find a glittery dress that fits just right. I haven’t been able to. So I guess I’m just gonna go for the sequin blazer that’s my all time favorite. O wait, I guess there was a fourth option. O well.. Happy new years!

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