nugi for COCO-MAT natural beauty products

If you ask me about my favorite beauty product I won’t even let you finish before yelling – yes, yelling – coconut oil. It’s an absolute miracle worker if you ask me. The only downside is the fact that it gets rock hard when it’s below about ten degrees. Which it is in my bathroom when winter kicks in. Let’s get to the point here: this product is a great substitute. 

Nugi for Coco-mat is what it’s called. That last part of the name might ring a bell, because Coco-mat is a very well know brand which produces natural sleeping products like beds and pillows. They recently added a product line filled with beauty products though, which are also fully natural and absolutely delicious.

There’s different products to enjoy, like your standard shampoo and body lotion, but also a home scent and some baby products. All are made of pure ingredients and are free from plastic. The bottles are made out of brown glass, like pharmacists used to have. Looks good, smells good, feels good; what are you waiting for?


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