Clarks Desert Boots outfit

Preppy isn’t usually my style,

Not at all really. So when I got these Clarks Desert boots I must say I needed to get used to them a little. For a girl that either goes sneakers or high heels, these boots were totally different. But different isn’t always a bad thing and it isn’t now.

Desert boots

Turns out you can do a casual jeans ’n T-shirt kinda thing with the Desert boots too! Who knew! Well, I guess it is pretty obvious, but still. Anyhow, I’ll post a full outfit with these babies soon, for now: how about this combi? Cute right?

The comfi kind

They’re pretty comfortable too. Though only if you’ve walked on them for a while. At first, the leather is pretty rough so be aware of blisters and keep those bandaids close. But after that first awkward phase – we’ve all been there – these boots will be your best friend. By the way, if already own a pair: be sure to share them online with the #styledbyclarks hashtag. I can use some inspiration!

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