If you know me even just a little, you know how much I love shoes. So when there was a huge sale going on after Christmas, I just couldn’t help myself. So this is the result.

There was a particular sale in a particular store I visited more than once. And yes, I bought something more than once. Two, to be precise. I’m talking about Invito, one of my favorite shoe stores. So when they have a sale, you know where to find me.

So now this pair of beautiful camel-colored wedges are part of my shoe collection. They’re by Steve Madden and I have to say: I am definitely mad about these. I love the color, the fabric and also the fringes on the side. They might be more like summer shoes, but I’m sure as hell not gonna wait for the warmth to come around. Unless it’s icy outside, wouldn’t wanna hurt these babies. Or myself, of course.


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