It’s November, which means it’s almost December and that means it’s almost Christmas! My favorite time of the year! Well, except for the steamy summer¬†of course. H&M seems to think the same because every year they make their holiday campaigns with the utmost care.

This year it’s -hello, again- Doutzen Kroes showing up in the video, looking all sparkly and happy with lots and lots of kids around. And she’s not the only top model who showed up for H&M’s annual holiday fest.¬†Christy Turlington, Liu Wen and Cora Emmanuel are also seen wearing some pretty clothes.

Which is of course what this is all about. I personally am a big fan of the red maxi-dress she’s wearing in the video below. It was my favorite item this summer so I’m extremely happy it’s still okay for winter. Can’t wait for Christmas!

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