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A cozy winter interior,

Is not that hard when there’s a Christmas tree and all sorts of decorating lights and candles in your living room. But what happens if you get rid of those holiday spirited accessories? A cold and empty room is left. Okay, that’s just my case since my new home still doesn’t have a sofa or dining room table. Either way though, it can be challenging to create a nice warm winter interior after new years eve. Here’s how I do it:


Replace that Christmas tree with other green stuff. Yes: plants. All sorts of them. Who said plants were a summer thing? They can brighten up your room in no time, give it that natural look and feel.

Color on the wall

A little more drastic than simply placing some plants here and there: dye a wall. One will do. I’m actually thinking about light green on my living room wall, but of course you can pick any one of them. Just remember: you have to look at this for a while so maybe not pick a color that’s really out there and you’ll be done with quite soon.

Pillows & plaids

Winter is cold, in case you haven’t noticed. So I like to surround myself by as much pillows and plaids as I can. Luckily, they look pretty cute as well. Printed combined with natural colors. Just play around with it a little. To get you started, here’s some fun inspiration:

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