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Shopping summer dresses,

That’s part 2 in my holiday prep. And it’s a tough one. Can’t believe how hard it is to find the perfect summer dress. Guess what? I actually found it. Think I spoilered you in the very beginning of this blog post? Nope, it’s my bff’s. I tried and tried but unfortunately she won’t let me keep it. So the search continues.

The profile

What I’m looking for is a dress just like that one, obviously. Right over the knee, flowy fabric, short sleeves and a nice v-neck. Perfect for a city trip, beach day or to the office. Also: it had to be affordable because I have two more holidays planned, more about that soon.


You can see the result of my search so far below. Apparently I have this thing for flowers these ¬†days, but who can blame me? Add a little bit – or a lot – of sunshine and you can’t help but be happy right? Gotta go now, I have some shopping to do.

Mango | Zara | H&M | H&M |Asos | Zara

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