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It used to be very old fashioned: a swimsuit,

Like, something your grandmother wore. No way, you’d ever give up on that bikini. O how times are changing. This summer, the swimsuit is about the hottest piece you can wear to the beach. And if someone says beach, you can count me in.

The perks of a swimsuit

Truth be told, a bikini does have some perks over a swimsuit. A tanned stomach for example. And different sized tops and bottoms – very handy for a heavy hipped, small breasted girl like me.

Pro’s over cons

But the pro’s to a swimsuit are overwhelming. Okay, that might be a little bit dramatic, but they’re there. Especially if you aim to be a surfer girl, like me. I’m not, but I tried last year on Bali. And guess what? Bikini bottoms tend to not hang onto your hips as tight as you’d like them too when the waves get a little heavy. So that’s pro number 1: swimsuits stay where they are.

Bye bye belly

Pro number 2: bye bye belly! I must say, my winter weight hasn’t disappeared the way I wanted it to. And my January diet lasted for about three weeks instead of six months. So yes, my belly is there and yes, a swimsuit covers it up.

Start shopping

So that’s decided: I need a swimsuit. And with only six weeks to go until my holiday in Crete, I better start shopping. Ha, who am I kidding, of course I already started. Here’s my current favorites:

Bondi Bather | New Look | H&M | BillabongNew Look | H&M |  

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