travel gadgets

I’m not a travel gadgets kinda girl,

Though I am a girl that is – obviously – a blogger. Therefor I’d like to stay connected to the world – and Instagram. Even when I’m on a holiday, as bad as that might be. Okay, so not connected all the time, but I prefer to be disconnected by choice. Not because my battery is dead.

Travel kit

That’s why I was really happy Hoesjes outlet reached out to me and asked if I wanted to try out some stuff. Their travel kit to be precise. Containing an extra iPhone charger, a charger for in the car and extra headphones. O, and I also got an aux cable so I can play my own funky music while cruising the Cretan streets.

Always online

So I brought it all with me to that beautiful island. And as you might’ve noticed on said Instagram page, I stayed online. Thanks to the beauties I graciously draped over a pineapple for that extra holiday vibe. Especially the car charger was a real life saver on the chaos that are Greek roads. So you know, you might to check it out as well, if you’re planning taking a trip anytime soon. See you online!

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