Bakkerij Blanche Groningen

You wanna hear about Bakkerij Blanche in Groningen?

Yeah, that’s right, I decided to do something new: hotspots. A little more lifestyle on this ruled by fashion website. You’d think I start off with an Amsterdam place right? I mean, I live there after all. The thing is, I do not just want to use photos posted on websites. I want to take my own. Add a little bit to the experience you know.

Hotspot photos

Confession: I didn’t take the one up here either. You might have guessed since it’s me walking through this cute little shop. I was there doing coffee with Evelyn after shooting these photos. And she wrote a blogpost about it before so go check that out too.

Bakkerij Blanche kinda latte

Anyhow, back to Bakkerij Blanche. Yep, that’s the name of this small kinda hidden place in Groningen. It’s a bakery so lunch is definitely a yes, but you can go in for a simple latte as well. We did and it tasted delicious. The view helped too, because there’s awesome plants, HAY chairs and copper details all over the place.

Hotspot debut

So that’s the first hotspot. A little short to start off with, but if you want me to keep them up I’ll definitely go into detail a little more. So what do you think? Keep them coming or once but never again?

Bakkerij Blanche
Brugstraat 28

Bakkerij Blanche Groningen

Bakkerij Blanche Groningen

Bakkerij Blanche Groningen

Bakkerij Blanche Groningen

Bakkerij Blanche Groningen

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