IJsmanschap Popsiclebar Amsterdam

The IJsmanschap popsiclebar,

Is new in Amsterdam. Only two months ago it opened and I’m so happy it did. I mean: ice cream, hello! That’ll make me happy either way. Especially if it looks as good as these ánd is even a little healthy. Let me tell you a little more about IJsmanschap and get you just as excited as I am.

No air ice cream

Home made, no artificial substances. So no bright colors, but as you can see that doesn’t make it any less pretty. Especially with those gorgeous toppings: chocolate or caramel and almonds or hazelnuts. So good! The ice cream popsicle itself is as well though, because – as they told me – there’s less air in it than in the ice cream we’re used to.

Vegan version

What it tastes like? Well, there’s champagne-raspberry, dulce de leche or Marsala vig. I tried the Vietnamese iced coffee and I love it. But there’s many more of course. Gelato ones, made out of dairy and sorbetto’s, made out of water. Those are lactose free. If you want, you can even ask for a vegan version.

Just around the corner

You can get these beauties in this cute little place that is conveniently right around the corner of my house. Therefor, I feel like I should make it my personal mission to taste each and every one of them this summer. Only so I can tell you about it, of course.

Van Spilbergenstraat 2 hs

IJsmanschap Popsiclebar Amsterdam

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