windy outfit

The tough life of a fashion blogger,

becomes clear on days on which the weather isn’t what you expect it to be. Like in the pictures up here. Me and Evelyn thought it was sunny and therefor a great time to go take some pictures. Boy, were we wrong. But I got a windy outfit for you anyway.

As you can see, wind was all over the place. A rough wind too, not a comfortable breeze. Which resulted in pictures where my hair was either in my mouth, my eyes or just all over the place and I can tell you: that’s not a pretty sight. Combine this with a bright sun that made me squint my eyes all the time and what do you get? Not so charming photos, yes. O well, at least it didn’t rain.

Ray-Ban Рsunglasses stolen from Evey
Mango – cardigan
Daniel Wellington – watch

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