You know those retro rotan chairs,

Those wicker chairs? They’re super old fashioned. My parents actually owned one until a couple of years ago, then they threw it away. Which sucks, because lately I’ve been developing a huge crush on them and I’m not the only one. Result? You have to pay up to 200 euros in stores for them.

Second-hand shopping

Lucky for me, I found one second-hand. For way less, of course. So I got one, so excited! Second question though: how to integrate it into my interior? My new one, that is. In case you haven’t read it before, I’m moving into my very own appartement in about three weeks. So huge interior crisis going on here.

To couch or not to couch

And what do you do in a case like that? Find some interior inspiration! So there’s some options, like getting multiple and put them at the dining room table. Awesome! Except I don’t have a lot of space. Put two of them together instead of a couch, but I really do like chilling on a cozy couch. So option number 3 it is: get a couch as well, and use the rotan as a fancy reading chair. Just a some nice pillows and a blanket. How cool!

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