How to wear bold lipstick

How to wear bold lipstick,

That’s the exact sentence I typed into Google a couple of months ago. Do you remember how I decided bold lipstick was totally my thing? It never really was, because it stains and fades pretty quickly so you have to keep an eye on it. However, it’s also very pretty. So that obsession never really passed. Therefor I decided to list three of my favorite ways on how to wear bold lipstick.

Bold lips, heavy eyes

This is a tricky one, because haven’t we all learned that less is more? Sometimes however it’s fun to experiment with a heavy eye make-up look combined with a bold lipstick. It just takes a little practice to prevent you from looking like a drag queen. Unless that’s the look you’re going for of course.

Pop of color

My favorite and the easiest one is to go minimal on the eyes – just mascara will do – and add a bold, very bold lipstick. Like bright pink, dark red or even purple.

Crazy colored lips

Speaking of purple, how about those crazy lip colors? I have been seeing them around more often and even though I’m pretty hesitant to try them out myself, I do find them awesome. You feel the same? Maybe babysteps will help. Start out with a purple one, then slightly move to blue. Here’s some bold lipstick inspiration to start you off with.

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