Crazy kitchen tiles

Have you seen those crazy kitchen tiles,

You must have, they’ve been all around lately. Printed, crazy colored kitchen tiles. Especially on floors. I have this thing with floors is quite the popular Instagram account after all. For me though, it’s not floors. As you might’ve guessed.

Interior obsession

Nope, after painting my wall green, I’ve found a new interior obsession. An interior annoyance actually. Because when I bought my house, there was no kitchen. Literally. So I had to buy a new one and I did, but I didn’t redo the cracked colored white tiles. Something with a tight budget.

Sticker tiles

And now I keep looking at the cracked kitchen tiles and think: how can I fix this without doing a total kitchen renovation again? The solution seems quite simple: kitchen tiles stickers. Preferably in a crazy print. It covers the cracks and blemishes right up. O and if you’re sick of it: just remove the stickers. Sounds good, right? But what colors and prints to pick? I found myself some inspiration:

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