There’s a new movement going on,

In plussize/realsize/anysize land at the moment and it’s totally kicking Victoria’s Secrets‘ ass. Clothing brand Lyan Bryant gathered famous full figured models like Ashley Graham and Candice Huffine to star in their new campaign, called – yes, really – I’m No Angel.

And it’s not just a photo and video¬†they’re spreading around to promote their Cacique lingerie line. No, there’s a whole social media thing attached. You see, the brand called upon their fans to start taking photos of their own beautiful body’s and post them on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/anything to show the world a gorgeous body doesn’t need a size zero. And they did. Photos started showing up everywhere creating a giant hype around the hashtag #ImNoAngel.

I actually don’t know if I’m all excited about the half naked people on my timeline, but their message is of course a great one. Plus – no pun intended – I am very curious to see how and if Victoria’s Secret will respond.


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