Marble interior inspiration

Honestly, I’m not all that big of an interior design trend kinda girl,

I love to follow the latest fashion of course, but interior? Not so much, I like what I like and I don’t really know what’s in. This trend is hard to miss though, and I’m glad because it’s pretty damn awesome. A marble interior it is. And not just in the kitchen or bathroom. Marble everywhere!

For me it all started out with a search for a marble iPhone case – which I still haven’t found btw, so all tips are welcome – and then I started seeing marble tables pop-up everywhere. And then there were marble candles, lamps, plates and even surf boards. How can you not love that? I know I do. I’m kinda obsessed at this point really.

Fun thing is that this trend fits with some other trends perfectly, interior as well as fashion. Like the everything-is-white one, add some white marble and say hello to perfection. Also, marble combines pretty well with copper, which is also pretty trendy right now. Combine and you’ll be amazed! So here’s a little marble interior inspiration specially from Pinterest for you.


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