When it’s freakishly hot outside and you’re not in a position to chill out at the beach in your bikini, what do you wear? Of course, a maxi dress! Keep cool and look stylish, what more can you wish for?

I think my maxi dresses are my favorite items in my wardrobe, which probably explains why there’s so many of them. About six, I think. Considering I’m not usually a dressy kinda girl, that’s quite a lot. But let’s be honest, how perfect are they? I might love my jeans, but wearing them with temperatures rising and rising is not that great.

To me maxi dresses are not just part of the boho-chic hippie kinda trend – which I love too – but they’re here to stay. And so I though it was about time to hit up Tumblr and Pinterest again and get inspired by the many different looks a maxi dress can offer.


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