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With summer coming up,

You would say we’d start wearing more and more color. And maybe ‘we’ are, it just seems like I am not. I’m getting way and way more pulled towards the whites, blacks and grays of fashion. So let’s take a look at the minimalistic side of summer.

I’ve never been a bright colored flowery kinda girl. Or well, I have had my moments, but they’ve never lasted long. But I have been wearing more prints and – pastel, al right – colors last summer. This year though, I don’t really see that happening. My closet contains mostly monochromes.

The thing is, I just love those minimalistic outfits. They’re pure, clean and to be honest: very easy. No more worries about non-matching colors or crazy prints. What more do you want? So here’s some minimalistic outfits for you.

FYI, there’s more minimalistic inspiration on my Pinterest account.

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