Over knee boots

I have a new obsession,

It’s about shoes. Yes, again with the shoes. This time though, it’s not a pair of boho heels or fancy new sneakers. It’s about long boots. Something I swore off long ago. You see, I have big calves which is why they don’t usually fit me. Which is also why I gave up on them. Until this over knee boots trend started to kick in. How pretty is that? So I couldn’t help myself and gave it another try and guess what? I found the perfect pair! So of course I needed some inspiration to see how to wear them.

Over knee color

First there’s the color. Do you go classy black, minimalistic grey, fancy beige or a crazy color like red or dark green? For me, over knee boots are already a little bit out of my comfort zone so I decided to go for plain black. I mean, black is always a right choice and it matches with everything. So black it is.

Over knee heels

Then the heel type. Be careful with the high and thin kind of heel, it makes you look a little like Pretty Woman Julia Roberts. Which is okay if you want that kind of look, I didn’t though. You can also go flat, but me and my bulky legs can use a little length. So I went in between: a slight wedge.

Over knee combination

The key question remains: how to wear over knee boots? There’s so many options! Little black dress, of course. But also a simple jeans-and-tee kinda look or skirt and fancy blouse  or flowery dress. My favorite look is pairing them off with a big ass cozy sweater. Chilling on the top, party on the bottom, you know.

FYI, I will make an outfit post soon with my new pretty babies. How could I not? I’m addicted to my over knee’s.

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