It’s Blue Monday today and I must say: I’m feeling it. Nevertheless I am up and running and ready to do another Instalife. There’s a little bit of everything this time actually. Fashion, food, nature and inspirational pictures. Here we go!

1. Outfit for a lazy night. Warm knitwear, jeans and Uggs. Cozy!
2. This is a two liter bottle of Baileys which I drank with
a friend. Not the whole one, of course.

3. Office decoration, isn’t it cute?
4. Went for a walk at the Noorderplantsoen on a quiet Sunday.
5. Healthy dinner: roasted cauliflower with red union and arugula.
6. My Yogi Tea says to “give up living your life to
other people’s expectations”, great advice!

7. Just a simple selfie. Hi!
8. Mint tea with my friend in Vapiano, lovely cafe in Amsterdam.
9. Found this image on Pinterest, very inspirational. 


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