So what’s the first thing you notice about these photos? Lots of food right? I guess I have been taking a lot of photos of my food. Recently because I started to eat less sugar again and tried out a lot of sugar free recipes and guess what? Sugar free food can taste quite good!

1. When I’m home on Saturdays I visit the market, this time I got spelt
bread, salad and cream cheese with peppers and paprika. So good!
2. Sugar free chocolate by Lovechock. Very unusual taste combinations, but
still quite good. Too bad it is pretty expensive, better not eat too much.
3. Baked sugar free cookies, told you it was possible!
4. Sushi, lots of it. I guess I haven’t totally stopped eating sugar.
5. Shopping day with my high school friends in Amsterdam, my
stomach still hurts from laughing so much.
6. Met up with two other friends at Hutspot, a great place to eat, drink ánd shop.
7. More Hutspot interior pictures, I wish I lived like that!
8. With my friend Laura on the sunny canals.
9. Sugar free pizza. Really doesn’t taste as good as the real deal.

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