Instalife: Amsterdam Fashion Week

It was that time of the year again: Amsterdam Fashion Week,

Or actually, it is twice a year. But still: yay! It was fun yet again, as you could’ve read on my recap right here. But I bet you already have, right? 😉 Anyhow, of course that’s not the only fun thing I did last month. And of course I took pictures of it. Speaking of which, are you following me on Instagram yet? Go do so! After reading this, that is:

  1. This show by Anbasja Blanken was one of my favorites of Amsterdam Fashion Week.
  2. My friends and I took this fun polaroid in front of a beautiful flower wall.
  3. Little outfit, in summer we wear dresses!
  4. Flashback to beautiful Dubrovnik.
  5. A day on an island with my friends, we didn’t really fit in the photo but we had lots and lots of fun.
  6. …while eating of course. Best cheat day ever!
  7. O wait, more food. Give a girl food and this is how she looks. Happy face!
  8. My friend and Personal Body Plan-buddy Xenia came to visit me. The result? Hub-selfie of course!
  9. View of Amsterdam in the morning, how pretty is this?
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