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You must’ve noticed,

I went to Bali recently. For more than three weeks and it was amazing. No surprise there that this whole Instalife is filled with Bali photos. But can you blame me? Look at them! Bali is beautiful, really. And because a picture says more than a 1000 words – yes, really – I’m gonna shut up now and tell you about them. Wait, what…

  1. Palm trees are the best trees.
  2. View on Padang Padang.
  3. Ocean kid & birthday girl. I went to see dolphins and it was the best ever.
  4. This smoothie at Old man’s was so good it was finished before I remembered I had to take a photo.
  5. View on Secret Beach on the beautiful Nusa Cenignan.
  6. Also on that island: Le Pirate Beach Club, with this gorgeous pool.
  7. Make-up free selfie! That’s how we do it.
  8. Bali sunsets are the prettiest.
  9. And coconut coffee is the best coffee.
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