2014, nov

Hello November!

Hello fall and hello Instalife! With it being fall and all you can imagine I’ve been going wild snapping pictures. Or not really? I have been sick for about two weeks so there’s not as many picks of beautiful green and brownish colors as I would like. There is enough to talk about yet again though, so let’s get started. 

  1. The first leaves fell from the trees, I spotted this lot right in front of my house.
  2. Here’s a red lips selfie for National Girlsday in The Netherlands. This is a day organized by Plan Nederland.
  3. Working at runners competition 4 Mijl, press day!
  4. We got an exclusive view of the match from a high building, no fear here!
  5. Enjoying a cup of my favorite spicy vanilla Yogi Tea.
  6. Decorating with some flowers I got.
  7. Notice a difference with the second pic? My hair is dark right? I though it was time for a change..
  8. Sunday walk at sunset, enjoying this beautiful view of Groningen.
  9. Selfie! Decided to wear lipstick again, for fun.


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