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Sometimes change is good,

And so we celebrate change happening. Sounds pretty deep right? Well, it actually just means I’m so so happy I moved to Amsterdam and celebrated that with friends, drinks and a new haircut. Which you could all see happening on my Instagram of course.


  1. Chillings with my friend, my neighbors cat.
  2. Dinner and drinks with my friends from Groningen, who I already miss so much!  
  3. On weekends we work in bed, enjoying the early sunshine.
  4. More food and drinks and of course my lovelies.
  5. This tiny necklace is my current favorite.
  6. I’m in love with & Other Stories so of course I had to visit right after moving.
  7. Short hair! I figured it was time to let go of those dead ends.
  8. My favorite lipstick: Chanel Rouge, number 46.
  9. Celebrating the Dutch day of freedom in Amsterdam, love!
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