When you think of a city trip,

You probably think of seeing all sorts of big cities across the world. But do you ever consider the cities in your own country? Even if your country is as small as The Netherlands, there’s still quite a lot to see. Therefor I decided I need to leave Amsterdam more often and check out the rest of the country. You can check out my visited cities on my Instagram, and right here of course:

  1. Cheating a little bit, since Groningen is the city where I was born, but still: never been there? Go visit! You’ll find this one, the Martinitoren, on the main square.
  2. Also in Groningen. A new restaurant that’s already turned into one of my favorite hotspots: The Pool.
  3. And don’t forget to visit HOLTBAR. Wait, do you think I should do a shopping in Groningen post all together?
  4. Next up: Rotterdam! A very good shopping city! And what’s a day of shopping without some snacks? This freshly backed stroopwafel tasted like heaven.
  5. Selfie!
  6. Press days were on the schedule again, I spotted these pretty pink tones at Bobbery PR.
  7. New pants! I’m kinda scared of printed pants, because it draws all attention to my legs, but this one was so cute I couldn’t leave it behind.
  8. How I like my mornings: coffee please!
  9. Sunny fall day in the Vondelpark, a hotspot in my very own Amsterdam.

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