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There’s no doubt:

Fall is here. If you haven’t seen the falling beautifully colored leaves all over the place, you must have been in some sort of coma last month. And that would be a shame, because no matter how much I hate leaving the warmth of summer behind, fall truly is beautiful.

So of course I made some fall themed photos : fall favorites. Care to take a look?

  1. Look how great my boots match these pretty leaves!
  2. Red lips, I’m so addicted lately.
  3. Saw this editorial in Harpers Bazaar, gorgeous.
  4. Friday night drinks with the girls. No, I’m not schizophrenic, they just weren’t all present for the photo.
  5. I’m in love with this dress, even if it doesn’t photograph well.
  6. This quote, so true.
  7. Found another way to use my napkin holder.
  8. I love cacti, that’s all.
  9. He, them boots again! My favorites!
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