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I almost missed it,

My Instalife of this month. Is it the ninth already? Well, yes it is! I have been doing so many fun things lately it nearly slipped my mind. Thank god for agenda’s right? Anyhow, here’s what I did last month. It’s all about fashion and music; a perfect combination if you ask me. Also: so much sun! Love it!

  1. How better to start Amsterdam Fashion Week than with a rooftop party at Floor17?
  2. Make-up look of the day! 
  3. Here’s a good way to use your books: flatten your jacket with it.
  4. Visited Tony Cohen and Zyanya Keizer’s fashion shows; the last one is the one on the photo. Very impressive!
  5. Another party; drinks and funny photos at Strand Zuid
  6. Love this quote because it’s true.
  7. Vestival! Best festival ever. Saw guys like Tyga, Omarion and Chris Brown – insert smiley with hearts instead of eyes – give an amazing show.
  8. …with these girls, lovelies! 
  9. Super sunny selfie! 

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