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How there’s been a lot of food featured photos on my Instagram lately? Which is not me at all, because I never used to photograph my food and I would always make fun of those girls who did. Who had their profiles filled with full plates. Ever since I started Personal Body Plan though, I’ve been way more conscious about what I do and do not eat. And I find myself looking at those profiles with all the food. Worse even: I’ve been turning into them. Or my profile has. Well, a little. Just take a look:

  1. Salad with goat cheese, walnuts and raspberries, doesn’t it look pretty?
  2. Flashback to Dubrovnik with my girls!
  3. Winter coat weather is back, unfortunately.
  4. Rooftop party!
  5. My view every day on my way to work and back, could be worse right?
  6. Spotted this cutie at the Primark press presentation. Hi there!
  7. Another flashback to Dubrovnik, such a beautiful place.
  8. Dinner at Pllek in the sun! Which was way colder than it looks actually.
  9. Pizza day, the healthy way! Best thing ever!
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