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Is it december

already? I guess it is, because I’m freezing my ass off and my Christmas tree is looking positively awesome in the middle of my room. Time flies when you’re having fun! And I have been doing some fun things last month. Take a look! 

  1. There’s a new popup store in town called Folk with lots of interior design and art, more about that later. 
  2. Sunday selfie time!
  3. Lunch with the lovely Kim at No.25, love those pillows.
  4. Outfit of the day, from where I stand.
  5. Another new place called Courtney’s Kitchen where I followed a small congress by Fashionhoax, Follow Fashion and Lux blog. Very interesting!
  6. Another outfit of the day, featuring my favorite cardigan.
  7. New lipstick! This is a matte one by Teeez.
  8. Spotted my favorite quote at the opening of WAAR Groningen.
  9. Love the color of this scarf! Khaki green is definitely my favorite this winter.


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