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Guess what? I’m going places!

Or I went places. Or both. Either way, I visited quite a lot of places last month. Let me tell you about them. And while I’m at it: if you want to keep updated about my well being and all the places I’m going – okay, the traveling is kinda over for now cause I’m back to being broke, but still – why don’t you follow me on Instagram? Would be fun!

  1. This is when I was in Groningen and I was sad because it was cold.
  2. This also was in Groningen, at Wadapartja, which is a very fun place where everything is spelled in the dialect they speak there. Try read it, I dare you.
  3. And then I went eating this pink quinoa burger at Rollende Keukens. It’s pink! How awesome!
  4. But the most awesome thing last month: visiting Croatia with my three friends. More about this later.
  5. Apparently Croatians – is that how you say it? – have quotes about love on their water bottles. Cute!
  6. Look how beautiful it is! This is Dubrovnik by the way, to be more precise.
  7. This calls for a selfie right? #beachlife
  8. They shot parts of Game of Thrones here, can you tell? Fangirling all over the place.
  9. This is actually for next month, but I’m giving you a sneak peak. Here I am in the Hub, which means very exciting things are coming. Some of you might already know, some of you won’t. Either way: keep posted, because I will tell you very, very soon.
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