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Yes, I know I’m late,

With wishing you happy holidays – though I did do that on Twitter – and with this Instalife. It should have been on the 9th, as it is every month. I just have had a few problems with logging onto my website. Bugs, hacks, everything. I hope I’m back now. Anyhow: happy holidays! I hope you all had fun, I sure did!

  1. My friend and I ran into Olaf, cuuute!
  2. My shoes went a little undercover, love these Maruti’s.
  3. Ice skating in Amsterdam, so much fun!
  4. My Christmas outfit, dress by French Connection.
  5. A little Christmas present to myself, love Liebeskind.
  6. This made me laugh.
  7. NYE make-up look!
  8. My favorite boots, by Most Wanted.
  9. Made a friend! Can I have a puppy? Pretty please?
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