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Wow, it’s been a while,

Since I published an Instalife, hasn’t it? I haven’t been all that active on Instagram in general. Sorry about that! Why it’s been pretty quiet? Busy busy busy! With the holidays for one, busy at work ánd I bought my very own house. You can imagine there’s been a lot going on in my head. Let’s get to the photos, shall we?

  1. I feel like fall came in late this year, but when the leaves started falling I couldn’t wait to take a long walk in the woods.
  2. Lazy Sunday, wearing my favorite yoga pants and showing off my tattoo.
  3. Best breakfast! Oatmeal with fresh fruit and some almonds in my brand new home.
  4. Also in my brand new home: this table made by my sweet mom. How awesome is this?
  5. Found this awesome location while shooting with my friend Laura.
  6. Weekends with wine and friends are the best.
  7. Flashback to last years snowboarding trip. Probably not going this year, so I get kinda sad looking at this.
  8. Not a flashback, but also snowy: Dutch weather for a couple of days in the beginning of January.
  9. And then it was time for Amsterdam Fashion Week again, where I spotted this gorgeous gal at SUE. Cute collection as well, by the way. Can’t wait for this to be in store.
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