This might be a weird title, but really, there’s not a couple of terms I can name to capture this whole collection of photos. There’s selfies, a throwback-photo from Istanbul, an inspirational quote. O well, just take a look and see for yourself. 

1. The Easter bike ride my family and I took led us to this beautiful piece of nature.
2. My new favorite snack: paprika and hummus.
3. A #throwbackthursday selfie! 
4. And a regular one too. I’m wearing orange because of Kingsday in
the Netherlands, which always is quite a party.

5. Another #throwbackthursday, this is Istanbul.  
6. My blender broke and so I got a new and better one, bring on those smoothies!
7. Green curry with arugula, so good.
8. I really needed someone to tell me this last week.
9. Because I’m in desperate need of some cash, I decided to sell some clothes. A
lot of clothes. Maybe there’s some thing you like?

By the way, I decided to place my Instalife’s on a regular basis from now on. Meaning ever ninth of the moth you will find a post filled with my Instagram adventures. Why the ninth? Simple, it’s my lucky number!


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