Some of you might have noticed,

That I’ve picked up my Insta-activeness. Meaning I’ve been sharing more photos than I usually do with you guys. Which means I actually had to choose a select group of photos for this latest version of Instalife.

These made the selection. Why? I truly don’t know, but let me know if they amuse you!


  1. Red lips and denim, my favorite combo right now.

  2. Also on my favorite list: my Superstars.
  3. Denim yet again, this is a little preview of an upcoming outfit shoot. 
  4. On the wishlist! Nike Air Max, Stingray edition.
  5. Sunny day in the train means sunglasses and sweet sounds.
  6. Small part of my outfit, hi new shoes.
  7. Party time with my friend, shine!
  8. Jan Boelo showed his latest collection and it was gorgeous, more on that soon too.
  9. Sunday strips! And that’s all with the selfies for now.
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