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How many selfies can you take?

Well, checking putting together this Instalife I found out I took quite a few last month. Hence the title of this post: smile, it’s a selfie! Luckily I am smiling in most of them. Must have been a good month. Let’s check it out.


  1. A little #throwbackthursday to my shopping trip on Tenerife.
  2. How hipster is this wallpaper on my MacBook?
  3. #nomakeupmonday! Okay, honestly: a little make-up Monday it is.
  4. In love with my new boots by Mostwanted.
  5. Random selfie, just to wish you a happy day. Because I can.
  6. Just a few more weeks and I can ride my snowboard again, can’t wait!
  7. Yes, this is another selfie.
  8. How matchy are my shoes and my sweater? Turns out they match the weather too.
  9. Lunch break, lucky my work is on the edge of a forest. So pretty!


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