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I guess the time has finally come,

Summer is here! And of course you’ll see that it’s summer on Instagram too. At least mine, because o how I love the sun. So you can imagine I’ve been out and about quite a lot ever since. Especially now that I’m in Amsterdam, because you know what’s even better than summer? Summer in Amsterdam! So what else has happened? Let’s see…

  1. Visited the Sissy-Boy Summer Market and spotted these cute cacti.
  2. Love this song!
  3. Love this lipstick too, it’s a matte pink one by Sephora.
  4. This quote is totally me, sorry guys.
  5. Super happy with my leather jacket.
  6. Sunny days with a little fruit fest on the waterside.
  7. Sunglass weather, yes please!
  8. #fwis with my pretty new shoes.
  9. Hanging out with my friends, sunny yet again.
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