Lots of events last month! There was the last game the Dutch team played in the World Cup, I went on a much needed vacation, broke my yoga mat and had a cocktail party with friends. Here’s what I photographed!

1. Me and two friends decided to watch the Dutch team play on this big
square in my home town with lots and lots of other people, great fun!

2. Unfortunately the team lost and we were pretty bummed about that, next day this photo
was everywhere: newspapers, tv and online. Yeah, that’s me, being all dramaqueenish.

3. Luckily two days after we forgot all about that, because we were getting ready for our vacation!
4. Which meant surfing in Vieux Boucau in the south of France, where it looked like this. I might
make a whole post about my vacation, cause the photos are so awesome.

5. We also visited the Spanish city San Sebastián for a day, beautiful it is!
6. And when I got home I found these new sunglasses in the mail, love them! Lucky for
me the weather is pretty good here too, so I get to wear them all the time.

7. Broke my mat during yoga practice, so sad! I’m glad my birthday is coming up.
8. One of my favorite songs is Imagine by John Lennon, so when I found this I needed to share it.
9. Cocktail night with friends! We all made one, this is mine: a Sex on the Beach. Yum! 


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