Instalife holiday edition

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the first Instalife of 2015! And it’s a fun one too, since December is a holiday month and all. With friends, fun finds and – of course – presents. Also: I got myself a new hair color! And it’s a pretty big change this time. Care to check it out?

  1. Did you see the Christmas present  I got myself yet?
  2. Because sometimes changes are necessary to be happy.
  3. This is the first and only time I got one of those pretty holiday coffee cups, that’s worth a photo right?
  4. Very much in love with these designer Santa’s.
  5. Happy new year! Selfie with the BFF.
  6. My dream catcher by Spoke Woven, beautiful!
  7. Reading right now: How to be a Parisian.
  8. Sparkled sweater loving, even after the holidays.
  9. Bye bye blondie, hello darkness!


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