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Of course I had to capture them on my Instagram,

Those first sunny days of the year. They were so gorgeous! And are, because I’m writing while sitting in the sun on my balcony. Even though it has been pretty cold and rainy in between as well. I hope there will be many days like this soon. Anyhow, let’s see what I’ve been up to this month.

  1. I went to an event at CitizenM with my friend Laura and they gave us these cute water bottles. Or liquid backpackers, as they call them. So cute!
  2. Flashback to that time me and my friend Fleur randomly saw a camel in Tunisia.
  3. Also this month: an event to promote Sisley’s new lip and eye shadow colors.
  4. Yep, they took care of us over there. Sweets! Yay!
  5. Pretty sky outside of my office at the end of the say.
  6. Missed my train, but kept on smiling cause it’s sunny.
  7. More smiles! Did I mention how much I love the sun yet? Photo thanks to Laura.
  8. Outfit of the day, wearing my all time favorite boots by Most Wanted.
  9. Another flashback to me being an idiot and trying not to fall. Photo thanks to Evelyn.
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