Something bad happened,

Somehow my Instalife of last month didn’t get published. Or I didn’t publish it. I seriously don’t know how that happened because it was already and everything. O well, I guess if you’re curious you just have to check my Instagram. For now, I just crammed two months into one. So here’s the result!

  1. My outfit for Appelsap festival, I’m really into tight knee-length skirts these days.
  2. Sail Amsterdam at sunset, so beautiful!
  3. Selfie while spending time in my parents’ garden, the weather was still comfi there.
  4. Happy birthday girl on her tompoesluchtbed – it’s a thing here in Holland – isn’t it cute?
  5. Sunny selfie with the bestie in Greece.
  6. Vogue Fashion Night Out equals lots of cute cocktails and fancy champagne.
  7. Selfie on a Saturday, randomly.
  8. My dream closet! When can we start creating this?
  9. Lunch with the lovely Kirsten, so good! 
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