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You probably already saw that snowboarding fashionista post,

In which I told you about my snowboarding trip to Val Thorens. So it might not be a big surprise my Instagram was all in Valtho-atmosphere for over a week. And so my Instalife is too. I hope you’re not bored of the snowy pictures already, because I can’t promise you these are the last ones. Sorry not sorry! I am sorry this post is one day late though, but in my defense: there already was a pretty awesome post planned so I decided to move it up a day. Let’s go!

  1. When we arrived it was -20 degrees Celsius, hence the double hat.
  2. Luckily blue sky and sunshine arrived later on.
  3. Hi pretty snowboard!
  4. First one on the slopes, of course.
  5. First day selfie too, fighting the cold with leopard print.
  6. Pretty snowboard ánd a pretty view.
  7. #skiliftselfie
  8. Chillings at La Folie Douce.
  9. How beautiful is this? I miss you Valtho!
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